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Installing the Best Windows for Your Home

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Get The Protection You Need: How To Choose The Right Hurricane Shutters

If you want to get prepared for the next hurricane, it's time to invest in hurricane shutters. Many people use plywood sheets, but that's not the best approach to take. This is especially true if you want permanent hurricane protection for your residential windows. One of the problems with plywood is that the sheets don't last for more than a couple of storms. Also, plywood sheets can be difficult to attach to your windows. 

That's where hurricane shutters come into the picture. Hurricane shutters are made from heavy-duty material. And, they're designed to withstand even the strongest winds. When investing in hurricane shutters, you need to choose the right style. There are four styles to choose from. Those styles are accordion, roll-down, Bahama, and panels. Here's some information to help you choose the right style. 


If you want to invest in hurricane shutters, you owe it to yourself to add accordion shutters to the list. Accordion shutters are permanently attached to your home. With these shutters, tracks are installed along the upper and lower edges of your windows. This allows your shutters to open and close like accordion doors. One of the advantages of accordion windows is that you can close them in a hurry. This is good when a hurricane is approaching. 


If you like the idea of having shutters that are permanently attached to your home, roll-down shutters are another good option. Roll-down hurricane shutters are also permanently attached to the house. Like accordion shutters, the roll-down option operates on a track system. But, roll-down shutters open and close from top to bottom. 


Bahama shutters are another option for permanent protection. Bahama shutters go beyond hurricane protection though. One of the great things about Bahama shutters is that they add curb appeal to your home, while still providing protection against hurricane damage. Bahama shutters are installed above the windows and look like traditional Bahama awnings. That means you get sun protection throughout the year for your windows. But, they shut tight when you need hurricane protection. 


If you don't want to install permanent hurricane shutters, storm panels might be the right option for your home. Storm panels come in a variety of materials, including a clear option. With clear storm panels, you don't lose your view when the panels are in place. But, they do need to get secured to your home before each hurricane comes through. 

For more information about hurricane shutters, contact a local company.