Installing the Best Windows for Your Home

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Installing the Best Windows for Your Home

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Need To Replace Windows On Your Home? 3 Types To Choose From

If the windows on your home are older, replacing them is a good choice. Older windows often let drafts inside your home which can affect your monthly electric bills. When it comes to windows there are many types available which can make it difficult to make the right choice. To help you with this, below is information on three types available.

Double-Hung or Single-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are easy to use and they have one upper sash and one lower sash. You can move each sash both up and down. This means you can open only half the window instead of the entire window. This is especially beneficial if you have small children because instead of having the entire window open, you can open only the top part where they cannot reach. With some double-hung windows, you can tilt the window inward to clean it instead of having to go outside and clean the window. 

There are many benefits of double-hung windows. Being able to open only part of the window allows you to quickly let fresh air into your home or let strong odors out. Being able to clean the windows from inside the home makes cleaning much easier and faster. Additionally, if you have a two-story home this is much safer. If you sell your home in the future installing double-hung windows can increase the value. 

You will see single-hung windows on many homes, and they are a better option if you have a low budget. These windows cost less because they open up and down in the frame like a traditional window. You do not have the ability to pull the window inward to clean them but instead must go outside to clean the exterior window. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are generally installed in the kitchen over the sink. These windows have a crank that you use to open them. They have a hinge that is either on the right or left of the window and the window opens outward. The windows are designed so that they are easy to crank open and closed. You could keep the window open to let in light or increase the ventilation in your home. 

Casement windows would be a good option along with the double or single-hung windows. This way you can have the best type of window for the room they go in. A casement window is usually less expensive when compared to double-hung or single-hung as they are smaller. 

Talk with a windows contractor to learn more about single or double-hung windows.