Installing the Best Windows for Your Home

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Installing the Best Windows for Your Home

Your home is one of the greatest assets you can own or pass down to your children. One of the things I previously spent less on was my home's windows. But after losing money to unbelievably high winter and summer utility bills every year, I realized that I needed to buy better products for my home. I decided to install energy-efficient windows throughout my house. Now, my family spends the money we save on things we love to do instead of on high utility costs. If you want to learn about energy-efficient windows and how to search for the best products, read my blog. I'll show you how to get the most out of your hard-earned money.

Four Qualities To Look For In Sunroom Windows

If you're designing a sunroom or having the windows in your sunroom replaced, then you want to ensure the windows you choose are going to last. You also want to ensure they let in pletny of light and are easy to keep clean. If you look for windows with these four qualities, you should be happy with the results.

Low-E Glass

Low-e stands for "low emissivity." Emissivity refers to the amount of heat that passes through glass. Plain glass has a very high emissivity, which means that most heat passes through it. Low-e glass does a better job of blocking heat transfer, so your sunroom will stay cooler during the summer and your air conditioner won't have to work so hard. Note that low-e glass is not tinted; it looks clear just like regular glass.

Composite Frames

There are so many different materials that are used to make window frames, from aluminum to wood. They all have their places, but when it comes to sunrooms, wood composite windows really are the best bet. They don't expand and contract due to temperature changes, so they won't become leaky like wood or aluminum window frames sometimes do. Plus, they are not appealing to termites like wood frames, and they won't crack when exposed to cold temperatures like vinyl windows.


The large windows typically used in sunrooms can look plain and even a bit overwhelming if you don't have something to break them up. The ideal way to make the windows look more balanced is with grilles. These are dividers that are placed over the windows to make it appear that the panes are divided into sections. For instance, you can have a grille that divides the top window into four equal portions and another one that divides the bottom window into two side-by-side portions.

Double-Pane Glass

A single pane of glass is not a great insulator. A lot of heat will escape from this glass during the winter, raising your heating bills and leaving your sunroom feeling chilly. Double-pane glass windows consist of two panes of glass with a layer of air trapped between them. The layer of air acts as an insulator, blocking the transfer of heat and keeping your sunroom more comfortable.

To learn more about the best windows for your sunroom, speak to a window replacement company in your area. Most offer free consultations and will give you an estimate on the spot.